Thursday, December 7, 2006

NY2006 -- Random Run-in with Keith Olbermann

On the way through the door to 30 Rock, i see Keith Olbermann walking out the other.
After shaking off the "what the hell, was that?!?" -- i think to myself that i shouldnt be that idiot who when they see a celeb they throw away both tact & shame as they run & tackle their target in ways that call for both restraining orders & weaponry. And then I realize I had a camera. So I do a quick 180.

And that was just about the moment in time that I went in to stupid fan mode, talking like I needed meds or a refresher hooked-on-phonics course.

That aside, he smiled and was very polite about the whole thing. Little standoffish, but far less than im sure I would be if somebody random came up to me on the street. I asked him if he minded if I took a pic, and he said sure w/o hesitation. Thus the 'sticking the camera out at the end of the arm and pointing it back trying to get everybody in frame’. . .