Saturday, November 5, 2011

Huh, That's New

Never felt an earthquake in Texas before. Not the big Virgina one a few months back. Not the Cleburne 100+/- miles SW a few years ago that ended up being related to the Barnett Shale gas fracking. Been out to California and Alaska several times, never felt one out there either.

Felt this one, though.

In North Denton, we felt (and heard) 3 very mild rumbles through the furniture @ 10:53P.  The whole thing lasted only about 15 seconds and other than saying "what the hell was that?" -- really just thought it was Ace aggressively addressing an itch by rubbing against it with his oversized Aussie Shepherd frame.  Didn't think much of it beyond that.

But it didn't feel right. Looked down and noticed Ace was a good 3 inches away from being able to do anything like that. Wondered for a moment where the other two minions were and noticed that they didn't react to whatever had just happened.

Then looked up and saw the ceiling fan chains swinging gently. Checked the heater to see if it was blowing. Wasn't. But the ceiling fan chains in the other room were swinging at the same rate.

Didn't hear about the Oklahoma earthquakes until I went out to the USGS website checking to see if the earth had opened up somewhere in North Texas and saw the reports coming from Shawnee.

Very surreal experience.