Friday, June 1, 2012

Definitely Back in Town Now

Been back in town for 63 someodd hours and have already seen:

1) A roadraging pickup driver cutting across 2 lanes to exit IH35 so he could stop and physically jump out to slam his hands on the hood of another car to challenge the driver to a fight at the US380 stoplight. (And nearly getting run over in the process when the other car didn't come to a complete stop before swerving and turning right)

2) A 90's era van stopped in the left lane just after a blind right curve of a busy Main Street so he and his passenger can look at the bridge over the Trinity River just north of Fort Worth.

3) Several drivers of various cars and pickups who came out of parking lots while ignoring the then swerving traffic to which they were supposed to have yielded.

4) And most recently this afternoon, the moron in his fullsize company pickup trying to speedly cut through the Chick-Fil-A parking lot with no regard to me trying to turn into an empty spot. (And then him and his passenger being insulted because I was both in the way and honked to let them know they were going to t-bone me if they didn't stop and wait the three seconds for me clear the driveway before barreling through)

Ahh, my fellow Texas drivers. Thank you for welcoming me back into town with such a show.

It might finally be time for everybody to take a step back, take a deep breath, and finally admit to yourself that while the roads are small in this big big world -- we all still have to coexist. And no matter how busy you are (or how big your fancy truck might be), it really doesn't make you any more important than the many other drivers on the road.

We all have places to be. We all have families who want us to make it back home safe.

And even if you don't want to admit these oh so simple realities, you should at least understand this. . .

When your company's pickup has a name and phone number on it's side -- you probably wont be able to stay "anonymous" for long.