Sunday, July 29, 2012


Feeling good after a 28 mile bike ride from the Fort down to Lake Dallas and back.

And to the lady driving the dark green SUV that I crossed paths with at the Denton Katy Trail and Lakeview Blvd around 10am -- I am sorry for startling you.

I recognize you had no way to tell I was slowing down to a stop because of the angle and the trees, and you felt the need to slam on your brakes thinking I was about to fly into the road.

Tried to apologize by waving, then yielding so you could go first, and (after 90 seconds of waiting) riding beside you say it face to face.

You instead chose to respond by telling me to "go" with aggressive hands/arm moments, then slamming them down onto your steering wheel before waving them around even more aggressively, and then tearing off without even looking at me even though I was a foot away from your window.

Clearly we had an unfortunate communication disconnect. And I admit I probably would have responded much much differently than you if it was me behind your wheel -- particularly since you also had a young (probably) impressionable kiddo strapped into their backseat car-seat watching your behavior far more than mine.

But whatever the case, I'm sorry for startling you.