Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Do So Many Non-US Facebook Contacts Have Strong Opinions about this Election?

Following up on Tuesday's observation about so many international Facebook contacts (re)posting political memes, I picked out three of the most vocal of the moment and privately asked why they had such an interest.

All three have now un-friended me, and one decided to take it further and also pushed the block button.

Really wasn't expecting that. I'm used to being 'un-friended' when I explain my own political opinion, that's just part of the unfortunate current political theatre of anger and wedge issues. But I've never seen this when I ask somebody else about their opinion.

All of the inquiries were basically the same. This was the one I sent to the third contact in this list. He was posting 10-15 political memes a day in favor of the RNC candidates and ideals. . .

I cant help but notice you are taking such an interest in US politics, even though you're in Sydney.

This intrigues me. Please do not misunderstand, I am not trying to be rude, but rather, finding out what drives people to do one thing or another is fascinating to me. Particularly in this matter as Australian politics do not draw the same level of attention from US based citizens. I have in fact noticed quite a few of my FB contacts exerting strong political opinions on the US election (for both parties) despite not having any apparent stake in the result.

Do you mind if I ask you why you have both such a distinct interest and strong opinion towards the RNC candidate?

Feel free to politely decline if you wish. I ask only out of curiosity and I will not disclose your feedback to anybody except for maybe my wife if she's looking over my shoulder.


He could have just said go away. But he didn't. He was the one who blocked me instead. Apparently he thought it was warranted. I disagree with that.

But my question remains the same. If you're not in the US, but have a distinct stance on the US election, I'd be curious to understand the reasons why that would be. Feel free to send me a direct message.

To be clear, I am not looking to debate talking points or the rhetoric from either political party. Only want to understand why so many of those who have no vote in the US election are taking such a polarized stance in it.

And of course your feedback will remain private.