Friday, November 2, 2012

Visa "Lost/Stolen" Response Team Fully Admits I'm Not the Owner of the Credit Card I Found, Then Refuses to Cancel It Because I'm Not the Owner of the Credit Card I Found

Found somebody else's credit card left on a ping pong table at Walmart today.  Called the "emergency" Visa number (1-800-VISA-911) on the back to give them a heads up that the card was clearly lost.

Only to be told that they cannot cancel the card because I couldn't verify account information.  Sure I could confirm the 16 digit number, the name on the card, the secret security number on the back -- and I specificly said 4 times that I was NOT the card holder.

But that apparently is not enough to convince the Visa "Emergency" Team that the card is lost and should be immediately canceled.

Not the response I was expecting to hear.

This was the fourth call I made to report finding this card. Being issued by a local Credit Union, they didn't seem to have any real after hours support. All their other numbers on the back of the card all said "Our offices are closed, heres when we're open again".

But when I eventually found their after hours 'lost stolen' card phone number info -- the person on the other end of that number quickly killed the card and thanked me for my honesty. Took all of 5 minutes once I found a contact number for somebody who gave a damn.

Still not sure why Visa Worldwide couldn't wouldn't do the same. Of the many prompts at the end of their Visa "Emergency" number (again, printed on the back of the card), was "If you would like to report a Lost/Stolen Credit Card, press" whatever number. It was, so I did.

Fifteen minutes of back and forth -- all I got was the same answer. "You can't validate personal information on the account, so we can not cancel the card you found "

I get why they couldnt just kill a random card number without validating the authenticity of the call. But if I have all the security information on the card -- numbers, names, security codes -- and I'm clearly not the authorized card holder. . .

. . .Well, hell, shouldn't that be a sign that the card meets the criteria of 'lost and/or stolen'?

I asked the question four times total to make sure I was understanding that they were unwilling to cancel the card even though I obviously had the card and was not the card holder -- and the Visa operator stood by her "No" answer each time.

All the Visa operator was willing to do was to give me the contact information of the issuing bank and told me I could contact them directly (which was already on the back of the card, and was currently closed). And that I was free to cut the card up tonight.

Good advice and I was planning to do both. But if the card is already reported to be lost (and possibly stolen), waiting an extra 12 hours to officially kill the card seems like a pointless risk to take for everybody who has skin in the game. I know I'm not going to go on a spending spree with somebody else's account. They don't though. And who the crap knows if somebody stole the card, tried to use it, and then dumped/dropped it.

Still trying to wrap my mind that the Visa team chose such a cavalier approach to this. Really felt like they didnt give a crap that their customer's card was in the wild -- nor did they want to want to protect their customer from possible fraud.

And I got no answer for that unfortunate reality at all.