Friday, July 5, 2013

What the Crap, Honda Dealership? (Updated)

Was told by a Service Clerk at a local Honda Dealership that there "was no such thing as a bumper to bumper warranty, that's just something that somebody made up along the way".

And that I would have to agree to a "$99 diagnostic fee" before they would troubleshoot an AC issue on a 2 year old civic with 32K miles. But the fee "would be refunded if the technician finds a problem caused by a manufacturer defect or if everything checks out"

Yea, ok. Sure. . .

Updated July 8, 2013:
Received a call from the Service Manager of the dealership in response to a compliant I filed through their website. He apologized for the confusion and clarified that the 3y/36K mile "bumper to bumper" warranty is indeed in force with any new Honda purchase. And further explained what they would not cover under the warranty was "if a rock were go get kicked up and hit the compressor" or "if there was rodent damage to the wiring" or "similar issue"

I agree this makes sense as all of which falls outside what anybody would call "normal wear and tear", though this was not what was explained by the original Service Clerk when she made the statement. Nor was it said as the conversation progressed when I acknowledged there was a difference between "warranty covered items" of parts simply not lasting for 3y/36k miles and what would be instead considered "normal wear and tear / scheduled maintenance"

Whatever the case -- no money was charged. Confusion is clarified. Matter is closed.