Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seriously? (Update1)

Update: 10/16 @ 3:30P
UPS Customer Support @UPSHELP stepped up on this, responding quickly to the tweet and via help@ups.com. And also quickly offering to both assist with a damage claim and contact a local site supervisor.

Since the item ultimately was not damaged, given the packing absorbed all the water -- ended up being all good there (though there's no way the driver could have known that would have happened when they left the package where they did, and I still don't know why they decided to leave the box in water in the first place).

As far as the escalation offer, I already talked to the local supervisor a year ago about largely the same 'dump and run without even a knock' issue. It has gotten better than it was, but I really don't see the benefit of rehashing the issue further and politely declined that offer, too. Thinking it's probably just easier if just continue to avoid UPS whenever I can.

@UPSHELP did confirm, however, that their internal procedures mandate all drivers to at least knock/ring the doorbell even when a signature is not required. Good to know. Not being done, but good to know.

Anyways -- thank you again @UPSHELP for owning the problem and trying to help. It was very much appreciated.

Original Post:
Thank you @UPS @UPSHELP for leaving my package on my porch laying face down on a rain soaked sidewalk! Damned nice of you to assume nothing was in the box which could somehow react poorly to water. Most others would probably choose the safe route by standing the package they're entrusted to deliver safely on the dry side of the porch just a mere three feet to the right. But not you guys.

And I also appreciate how you couldn't be bothered to ring the doorbell (easily accessible on that dry side of the porch) when dumping the package and moving on. I know what you're thinking. How can you be expected to know that two cars in the driveway and an open front door would mean that there was somebody home? It's such a crazy thing to think, I can't believe I am even suggesting it.

Then again, even the door to door guy who leaves the pizza menus takes the two seconds to ring the doorbell before moving on. So maybe there's something to this idea of a 'customer driven service' that's worth considering?

Or at the very least, just trying to not be shown up the guy who's basically littering at my front door.

Yep. That would be nice.

(end of rant)