Friday, September 18, 2015


Whatever one may think about the state of healthcare -- When standard tests cost a mere $43 bucks simply because that's what (and only what) the insurance company pays, but if I wasn't covered -- the doctor would instead be coming after me for a full $450. That's a real problem deserving of a real solution.

List cost is list cost. And I'm sure this varies depending on provider and insurance company relationship. Is what it is. No dispute there.

But it sure seems misguided at best to expect somebody who is having difficulty finding insurance (let alone paying for it) to be able to pay a 1000% markup for anything (routine preventive care or not).

And if the provider is able to offer such significant discounts to the vast majority of their patients who do have decent coverage -- and still maintain a profitable business (which they clearly can since most people pay the deeply discounted rates), then surely they can afford to do the same to those who don't.

Es no bueno.