Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Random Election Turnout Observations

Whatever you might think about last night's results, if you still believe that your vote does not count -- you're high on the crack. So many key deciding states were closed with a percent or less of the vote.
New Hampshire -- 1,437 +/- (.2%)
Pennsylvania -- 68,236 +/- (.8%)
Michigan -- 12,686 +/- (.3%)
Wisconsin -- 27,359 +/- (1%)

And still others closed with a difference no more than three percent. That's amazing and telling and probably any other descriptor that can be applied.

But for all the long lines and high early voter turnout -- overall turnout still, well, sucked so much Nationwide.
2016 Nationwide Counts
(Of the 231,556,662 +/- eligible registered voters)
25.6% +/- voted for Hillary Clinton
25.5% +/- voted for Donald Trump
2% +/- voted for various Third Parties
53.1% +/- voter turnout
46.9% +/- didn't vote

Compared to 2012, turnout was down from 57.5% +/-
(which itself was down from 62.3% +/- turnout in 2008)

(All 2016 totals using current counts and figures that will probably change slightly as finals are published)

This election was clearly about many things to many people (none of which I want to argue or litigate or trivialize).

But those who chose to stand up and have a voice over those who stayed home, ruled the day just as much as anything else. "Decisions are made by those who show up" as the well used quote goes. And that reality should must be understood by all who won or lost on this night.

And if you chose to do that the later -- I continue to maintain you willingly gave up your right to complain on facebook and twitter about the result for the next four years.