Thursday, January 19, 2017


I don't care what your political leaning might be -- but just because you disagree with a news report, does not in fact make it fake.

What makes a news article fake is if it pulled out of one's butt and/or doesn't rely on authentic validatable sources.

Stuff like. . .
"Was it caught on video?"
"Was it something the subject of the article personally wrote?"
. . .Both would be examples of stuff which would be validatable.

Word of mouth
Opinion and theories being passed as truth
Stuff which is contradicted by sound judgment and/or cannot be validated -- are by definition, unreliable sources

And yes, there is a difference between something posted a tabloid, a crap meme, or political leaning blog -- than an actual news source.

There's plenty of fake political crap out there on both sides of the spectrum that's purely designed to inflame and incite. And it's up to the news consumer to be responsible enough to examine and authenticate rather than just accepting at face value.

But just claiming something is fake because it's contrary to a political stance or opinion only serves to undermine whatever argument you're trying to make.

Echo chambers are bad. Educated electorate is good.