Friday, April 7, 2017

And Now This. . .

Quick update on the saga that is Madelyn Amelia. . .

We got discharged from THR Presby Denton on Thursday afternoon, and we're back home now trying to figure out when to sleep in the middle of the random Munchkin needs. I'm guessing when she turns 19 years old. Perhaps a bit wishful.

Whatever the case -- all of Madelyn's post-delivery tests came back good, and we were released with only the typical guidance of feeding/changing schedules, future doctor's visits, legal paperwork, and what not. We're very happy, taking as many photos as we can, and deeply looking forward to all the memories yet to come.

Beyond the quick status update, I also want to take a moment to thank again everybody who chimed in over the last few days since the big reveal.

There were those who showed up (announced and otherwise) to wait out in the lobby during the uncertainties of Day 0.

Those who made it oh so clear they wanted to be there, only to have me either wave them off with my thanx -- or -- because of the complexities with their own schedules and distance, it was simply impossible to be here.

Those who chimed in after the fact publicly and privately with well wishes and gifts, from friends I've known for 22+ years (so long that I can't really remember), others from whom I have lost touch with after drifting apart due to life and such, and still others I've known only for just over 130 days. (And clearly just about every example in between)

Those who have (and continue to) added to my perspective by sharing insights drawn from their own experiences.

And clearly, those who's actions fall into other buckets I forget at this moment given how much the week has been a blur.

All have been beyond heartwarming, and it is (one of) the understatement(s) of the moment for me say how much they have been appreciated.

I will do my best to thank everybody individually. But if I miss you directly, please know it's not a reflection of absent gratitude -- rather only one of absent sleep and/or memory.

Awesome times -- (as always) text/email to reach out.

And now -- returning to regularly scheduled programming, already in progress. . .