Sunday, May 21, 2017


Apparently a 2x3 plastic box, pad, and baby blanket for 3 nights amounts to $5,231.85 of room and board charges at THR Denton, despite how Maddie was always in the same room as us as Alicia recovered (and how that room and board was separately worth $23,498.35)

Sure, why not.

So far, we're up to $35,409.55 for the cost of having a munchkin in Denton.

Very thankful we can afford reasonable insurance that knocks the total down 45% after discount, and the actual copay/coinsurance total from my wallet (so far) to just $967.06 + whatever this 5K claim ultimately amounts to.

No matter what the politics of the conversation might be, can't we all at least agree there should be a better solution -- one that balances the cost of the care, against the reasons for needing to receive it?