Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Quick word of advice -- if you've had an expensive medical procedure (like having a kid) that's going to kick out a plethora of bills from each and every individual contracted medical practitioner who delivered care -- and you're lucky enough to have insurance -- don't pay squat until you verify the charge against the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) generated by the insurance company for the claim(s).

I'm now disputing three separate bills totaling a little over $1,200 related to the muchkin's birthday, or the prenatal months leading up to it. Bills which did not match what my insurance company says I am directly liable, including:

1) A balance billing attempt that the EOB explicitly says that I have no liability and to send directly to the insurance claims address if received
2) A provider trying to bill me for a charge my insurance company originally denied pending additional information they still havent received
3) A clerical error where the provider didn't apply insurance discount to the account

This will all work out the way it needs to. But buyer beware -- those EOB's are worth holding on to.