Monday, July 31, 2017

No, I Do Not Have a FedEx Package Pending Delivery

Had my new office line for only 245 days, and usually don't have a reason to give it out since I just use the cel for convenience. . .

But still got tagged by the FedEx Delivery Scam today on the office line this morning claiming that [I] "had a package ready to be delivered to [Our Seattle Corporate Address] and needed to confirm delivery information".

Specific flags:
1) FedEx doesn't do this
2) Foreign accent with broken english on unsolicited call
3) Caller ID popped up a Sri Lanka phone number (+94 90161370) (I assume is bogus)
4) Call logs show it was forwarded out of a San Jose, California number (1-408-907-1818) (Marked as unsafe/spam call in online searching)
5) When I asked for the tracking number, they gave me a 10 digit number (FedEx Track numbers are 12 or 14 digits)
6) When I asked for the sender info, they said it was a bank (could not understand the name due to accent)
7) Said details would be in the email they would send me
8) When I asked for a call back number, they said I could go by my local FedEx Office

Good times