Sunday, November 12, 2017


Yes, in fact if you *do* present an easily debunked or otherwise purposely inflammatory one-sided meme as absolute fact, then *yes* you are willingly giving up your credibility on whatever you think you're talking about now. . . as well as when it comes up in the future.

Doesn't matter if you preface it with 'some say' or later follow up with when being directly asked 'I only believe the other points [that aren't absurd]'.

Doubly true if your other posts passionately deride actual news organizations as 'fake' only because you believe they aren't fact-checking stories enough since the content does not align with what you've heard, read, or otherwise 'believe in your gut.'

You're better than that. Be the person you clearly want others to be. You might not always be right any more than everybody else is always wrong.

But you'll be far more respected and believed by those around you when you actually take an intelligent stand on something that matters.