Tuesday, February 20, 2018


The number of people who have told me lately either:

"Yea, I know you're telling me this political talking point meme is false and can prove it through multiple easily validatable sources -- but. . ."

1) ". . . I think/feel/believe it's actually true so it doesn't matter what you or your validatable sources are saying. . ."

-- or --

2) ". . . It doesn't matter that it's not true because I believe (insert loosely related complaint). . ."

. . . is all very deeply disturbing.

Facts matter. Doesn't matter what side of any political argument from which you happen to be screaming. Facts matter.

And when you willfully choose to throw crap instead of speaking with authentic truth -- you just as willfully choose to devalue both your passionate position and your personal credibility to speak on its behalf.