Wednesday, October 24, 2018


For the last several weeks I've been reading and hearing fingerpointing about the talking point of the moment about how the (insert other side here) is uncivil and is inciting violence and whatever.

And then they cite various cherry-picked examples to validate their perspective -- stealing and/or burning of political signs, shooting of Senator Giffords and Representative Scalise, Charlottesville killing of a protestor (and the torchlit 'protest' the night before' by white nationalists), the Anfta crap, interviews given by various current and previous political figures on both sides, comments made in current political rallies, ongoing declaration that the press the 'enemy of the state', and maintaining that one's political opponents are 'evil' and must be stopped --- and of course all the bomb stuff today

(And what I'm sure is 1000's of other examples of stupidity that are easily found with a simple 5-sec google search)

But it's simply bulls*it. Everybody's angry -- and it's absolutely ludicrous to claim that *only* those with whom one disagrees somehow has the monopoly on extreme idiots. That's not how the world works

And with so many people trying to gaslight their base to take advantage of it -- ignoring how there's always going to be a .001% of the audience who is too unstable to separate bs self-serving rhetoric from their own sad reality -- shouldn't be any real surprise whatsoever that things are getting out of hand.

Everybody needs to calm the f*ck down and start having adult conversations before this crap spirals even further out of control.