Monday, May 25, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Friends and Family Alert -- Yet Another Tornado Warning in Denton

For the third time this season, a Tornado Warning was issued for Denton County.

As with the others this year, this storm got close but missed the house. Seemed to in fact go out of it's way to avoid Fort Marcinko by veering Northeast just after the storm sirens went off.

More info as available -- email or call if there are any questions

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Friends & Family Update -- Tornado and Flooding In Denton (Updated 9:50p)

(Update 9:50P)
We're all clear for the evening.

Had some limited rain after earlier storms. Nothing particularly significant. Definitely no additional wind, hail, tornadoes, flash flooding, earthquakes, or exploding gas wells (wish I was kidding) that we had seen earlier today/this week.

Almost ready for summer

Call or email if there are any questions

(Update 3:30P)
From Local Media Video and Twitter Photos, it's clear that the funnel cloud lowered through South Denton, with some damage to houses, apartments, and businesses, fences, and trees. Nothing catastrophic. But definitely impacting to those immediately affected. Distance between the track and Fort Marcinko -- approx 5+/- miles

We've surveyed the outside of the Fort. No damage found. All we saw in North Denton was limited to pea sized hail (for approx 5+/- minutes) and heavy rain (approx 1-2 inches over 45+/- minutes) aggrivating the flooding we've seen *around, but not in* the house for the last couple of days

More storms appear to be building west and will be tracking in over the afternoon/evening.

More info as i've got it

Call or email if there are any question

(As of 2:30P)
A tornadac storm came through Denton this afternoon around 2pm. The actual funnel touched down between Denton and Argyle (approx 15 miles south of Fort Marcinko) and lifted back into the wall cloud before going over South Denton.

Alicia, myself, and the minions are safe. No damage noticed at the Fort

More info as ive got it. Call or email if there are any questions

Friday, May 8, 2015