Thursday, June 14, 2012

No, the "Who View Your Profile" Facebook App is Not Real

This is just a repackaged version of an old scam.

Like all the versions what came before, this rogue Facebook application is also spreading by spamming the Friends List of all the unsuspecting users who mistakenly add the application to their profiles.

Facebook does not give any third party application the ability to track such things.  Instead of showing who has viewed their profile, these types of scams have historically fooled users into opening spam websites and giving up their personal info (along with what their friends have trusted to them via Facebook's 'privacy' settings)

Screenshot of the Facebook "Who View Your Profile" Scam
Screenshot of the Facebook

Ditto for the new "Who Views Your Profile" which looks just like it's "Who View Your Profile" cousin but seems to have been released in the days after.