Friday, August 28, 2015

Apparently Today, @UPS "Signature Required" Instead Means "Driver Can Forge My Signature and Just Dump the Package at the Door". . . (Good to Know)

Update3 -- 4PM
Still waiting for a copy of the 'forged signature' that was supposed to be automatically processed within 90 minutes

Curiosity now more than anything. . .

Update2 -- 12 Noon
Brennon quickly called back explaining that he talked to the driver -- and the driver man'ed up and admitted forging my signature since they were up against the clock for pending deliveries.

To his credit again, Brennon apologized again and noted that the behavior was not acceptable and it will be addressed internally. I'm good with that.

Also impressed at the speed of resolution. Not clear it's enough to trust UPS for anything critical. But at least they owned the issue.

That's something I guess.

Update1 -- 11:45A
Received a quick call from Brennon at the local UPS station to discuss the situation. The full background from the UPS Customer Service Center was not conveyed (grr). Explained that the package was delivered, but that I'm very bothered that the driver clearly forged my signature for the sake of making a quick delivery vs. spending the 2 minutes to knock and do the handoff. Also asked if the signature was made on a UPS internal contractual document (since it's being used to confirm execution of a service) and he confirmed it was.

On a personal thought -- I can't imagine what would happen if I signed one of my customer's names claiming that they had agreed something had happened -- when it really didn't. Really don't think it would end up well for me though.

To his credit, Brennon apologized, accepted ownership of the issue, said that he would investigate further and would call me back once he had info on what happened.

Original Post -- 11:20A
Had a customer ship a rather expensive piece of equipment to me Next-Day overnight. This package was being shipped to the house, one that faces a busy street. But most importantly -- this package was mission critical valuable requiring spot-on tracking maintaining chain of custody every step of the way. This required assurance, with zero doubt, that it was safely in my possession at the end of the day.

So it was specifically shipped with "Signature Required" with a declared value of $2,100

Also put a big sign on the door asking the UPS Driver to knock. The thought being that if didn't hear the driver, my wife and/or my three dogs would.
Clearly and at eye level
Clearly and at eye level

So 10:30a rolls around and I realize that the package hadn't yet been delivered. I went outside to look for a "delivery attempt" made sticker and instead found both the "Signature Required" box (and an unrelated ground package) just sitting in front of my door.
Sigh - packages dumped without any attempt to get my signature. The "Signature Required" package is under the unrelated ground package

Perplexed, I look online to confirm that the package was shipped "Signature Required" -- and it was. Tracking information also says that it was left at the "Front Desk" @ 10:22a. Interesting trick since this is my house and there is no such front desk. Online tracking also shows that somebody named "MARKINKO" signed for it. Also interesting as no such thing happened.
No it wasn't
No it wasn't
When is "proof of delivery" actually proof of nothing?

Reached out to the UPS Customer Service Center Help Desk to voice my concern. They took the complaint and promised to forward it to the local station. I asked if a digital signature was provided during delivery on the internal UPS contract documentation -- and they said one had, but it was "illegible". So I gather the driver forged a signature to make the quick delivery. Dumping a package is one thing -- that's nothing new. Forging a customer signature on a UPS Contract document to claim something that happened when it didn't -- well, horse of a different color stuff there

I'm to receive both a call from the local station and a copy of the forged signature. We'll see.

Been here for 11 years. Have had problems here and there with packages being dumped without ringing the doorbell and leaving packages in puddles (and the bushes). Neither happens all the time. But it does.

Never ever had a driver forge my signature just so they could claim a delivery was made

Not good times
Chat with UPS Customer Service Center