Sunday, November 20, 2016

Yes, I Have In Fact Resigned from SHI. . .

Just a quick post to address some rumors, now that I'm back from closing out my final services project.

I am leaving SHI at the end of November to pursue a Security Services role with Avanade. This decision was made several weeks ago. Kept quiet only as so it would not be distracting to a handful of open customer facing engagements. But it is official.

When I started all those days, months, and years ago, I was very excited for the opportunity to contribute to the SHI Security Practice and what the team was trying to do. My role was intended to be that of DLP pre- and post-sales delivery architect. A position, admittedly, I was never able to actually do given various marketspace realities mixed with the inherent internal challenges typical of any Organization.

But those hurdles made the position, in fact, better. A well diverse team of Security Peers along with frequent pivots in direction allowed me to evolve my skillsets. Kept me interested. Kept me busy. Kept me growing. Made me a far more seasoned security and privacy nerd leaving the building than thought I would ever be when I came in. For that I am deeply thankful.

This moment, this day, however, it's time to move on to something different. My new Avanade role is that. With my new team, I'll be focused on aiding sales and pre-sales efforts regarding all things security. I'll be collaborating with customers and internal sales teams to help craft security services messaging, proposal responses, and deal solutioning of enterprise engagements. And all in all, just being a 'trusted advisor' to whoever has a security and privacy challenge, question, or concern.

I've never ever wanted to be the smartest guy in any building. Just be a member of a smart team doing smart security. And I will continue to enjoy that benefit in my new role.

It's also important to note I neither went looking for this opening nor made my decision in response to any particular circumstance or frustration. Avanade approached me directly, and I responded in courtesy. We talked in depth about their goals and vision. And as we did, it became very apparent very quickly this was something I needed to give serious consideration.

The rest is what it is. And I feel as I am leaving SHI in the positive way I always intended.

As always, if you want to keep in touch – I would welcome it.

The best way to do it (other than email) is via Facebook or LinkedIn depending on your pleasure. I still like to keep things simple, so the below links will forward to the full profile pages.

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I’m elsewhere, too if you want to find me on other sites – but primarily in these. (Everyplace else simply syncs the info down in one way or another).

My cel phone number will also remain the same if you care to call or text.

For those waiting for LinkedIn Recommendations -- I know I’m behind in pending requests. Sorry. Time continues to be getting away from me the last few weeks as I work towards the smooth turnover of everything. I’ll be catching up on those queued in the next few days through the holiday week and next month once I get settled into my new role. If you want to be added to the list, just send me a request through the site. And if you want to submit one for me, I certainly won’t complain.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. All updates will also be posted out here @

Goodbye and take care