Sunday, December 4, 2016


I don't care what your political stance is -- but if your whole argument on any topic is simply:

"The other side relies on name calling, all talk, all emotion, and no facts"

And you convey that message by calling the other side a terrorist, a liberal/conservative/whatever, and provide no actual authentic verifiable facts on whatever the hell the point of the original conversation was in the first place. . .

Then you need to take a step back, breathe, count to 23, and look at yourself in the mirror before continuing.

Actual conversation with tangible facts only helps people understand all sides of a perspective. Anger charged hissy fits only convey:

1) You're angry
2) You have no desire to move beyond it
3) You have no desire to understand those who disagree with you
4) You only want to make those who disagree with you just as angry as you
5) You probably don't give a crap about finding any kind of healthy middle ground
-- and --
6) And because of all of the above -- you're hurting yourself and I should be concerned about your wellbeing

320+/- million people in the US right now. Gonna be one or two people who disagree with anybody on any given point. Doesn't mean they're right. Doesn't mean they're wrong. But if you want them to actually listen to you -- you must do the same.

The only way we move forward as a society is to listen. Understand. Find common middleground. Basically be a respectful adult.

Seriously. It really is the only way this works.