Monday, August 14, 2017


For those of you who might be curious. The City of Denton does, in fact, send out code compliance 'notices' (this was not a ticket) when somebody complains about you not pulling your trash cans off the street for a couple or three days past collection.

They were kind enough to also send me a photo of the issue to put on the bulletin board

But what made me laugh out loud was this -- "An inspection will be performed at this location no sooner than 08/22/2017. If you should need more time to perform the required work, please call me at [OFFICER PHONE NUMBER MASKED]." Do people really do that?

Also says "the City may correct the condition and bill for the work." Again -- does that really happen???

I get that I was wrong, and I get this is a form letter. But all this notice did was made me laugh out loud and picture the Code Enforcement Officer questioning their life choices because had to respond to yet another trash can complaint.

Good times